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Purveyors of preferred Classic Thai Buddhist Amulets for the True Devotee and Distinguished Collector Ancient Amulets of the Pre and Early Post-Modern Era, of high esteem and Sacred Value, for Devotees and Collectors to study and collect. Ancient Thai Buddhist Amulets.

Why Choose Us?

Because we guarantee delivery or money back/replacement, and Guarantee Authentic with real Blessings with all our amulets. Postage is Free Worldwide for all orders amounting to under 300 grams (60 grams for USA and Canada). We give Gifts with all orders large or small. Buying is Easy with our Secure Payment Gateway using Debit, Credit Card or Paypal, with customer protection built in by Paypal. Guaranteed Satisfaction with our 'You Can't Lose' policy, where we guarantee you that your item will be delivered, or if not, we replace or refund you. It is impossible to lose when you choose Us as your trusted supplier of Thai Buddhist Amulets and Occult Charms.

Good Service, only authentic amulets, and very Generous to customers, who always receive a nice gfift with every order! highly appreciated. Ajarn Spencer's knowledge induces great trust in the authenticity of the amulets in store

Daniel Goh
Corporate Analyst

About Us

Ajarn Spencer

Author and Mystic

Ancient Amulet is Owned by Thai Buddhism and Occult Author, Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, who Guarantees Our Service with His Name. If there is one thing for which Ajarn Spenceris publicly known for, it is his Honesty, and his liking to Practice Generosity, which is one of the reasons Ancient Amulet has a rule that all customers receive minimum one free gift (amulet) of value with every order.

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